Bonus Recipe: Salmon with Lime Cilantro Glaze

Julie here: My thanks to Kelly Q. who is helping me with the cookbook blog project! Here’s a new post from Kelly.
Spring Hill Camp

This week, my kids are at a week-long day camp at Elmhurst Christian Reform Church (ECRC). I’ve been joking as I refer to it as “my birthday present”, since they are in camp from 9-4 each day and my birthday is Sunday.
All joking aside, it is a joy to see how excited the campers and counselors are to be working together. The Spring Hill Camp company is a Christian organization, based out of Michigan, brings day camps to churches across Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. They also have overnight camps available. Check out SpringHill Day Camp site:

Since ECRC has such a large facility, it is perfect for all the fun activities like zip lines, bungy jumping, water slides, etc. I picture it as a vacation bible meets action camp or VBS on steroids! There is a great basic Christian education going on in between archery, paint ball fights, etc.

While my campers are busy enjoying themselves while learning about Jesus, I am trying to catch up on grocery shopping, laundry, errands. I actually had a few moments to think ahead and plan a meal, so I decided to try another favorite salmon dish on the grill.  This is a great recipe, courtesy of my mom, and it is super easy to make as most of the ingredients are usually on hand (salmon, lime juice, olive oil, garlic and cilantro- dried or fresh)

Salmon with Lime Cilantro Glaze on the Plank
I love to cook on the grill using a plank. It makes the clean up easier (just throw the charred plank out and wipe the grate). The smoky taste it adds to the food is fabulous. I’ve been growing some herbs in pots this summer, giving our vegetable garden a year off.   It is so easy to step outside the kitchen door and snip some cilantro, combine with lime, olive oil and garlic in the Cuisinart and put on the salmon as it is cooking.
Planks for salmon and veggies were soaking in the sink from early this afternoon. Planks work best if they are soaked for at least 2 hours before cooking. I had some frozen salmon from Trader Joe’s that thawed quickly under cool water in the sink. Salmon is my favorite fish, probably because of it’s high levels of omega 3 fatty acids. Did you know that 4 oz of salmon meets the recommended daily allowance for Vitamin D? That’s why it’s a great food for northerners, especially in the winter months when our skin isn’t making Vitamin D from sun exposure.
I’ve been trying to use up more of my produce from the refrigerator and that was how I selected asparagus, that needed to be cooked or tossed, and a Portobello mushroom. I used a mix of balsamic, red wine and pomegranate vinegar (also Trader Joe’s) with a little olive oil and garlic to brush over the veggies as they cooked on the plank.


The other important thing to have on hand while you are grilling on the plank is a cup or spray bottle of water. The flare ups can take over and char your food. While I was preparing and grilling the salmon and veggies, my daughter was busy mixing and baking some mini lemon poppyseed muffins for her own “birthday breakfast in bed” tomorrowIMG_0524
It brought up a memory from years ago when I was given the job of baking brownies for my own birthday. I remember feeling hurt that I had to bake my own birthday treat. My little Betty Crocker happily offered to make them on her own, a real “DIY” kind of girl! Anyhow, after the fact, I am making a mental note to self that it’s not a good idea to be cooking simultaneously inside and outside, as the muffins were a little over done.

Despite all of this, it was a delicious and healthy dinner that will help offset some of the birthday treats we will indulge in on her special day!  Happy 6th birthday to Mary Kate, named for her grandmother, Kathryn Mary (also “doula” for her birth) and great grandmothers, Mary and Kathryn.  Kathryn would have celebrated her 99th birthday this June 20.


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  1. Kelly:
    Were the brownies you referred to the ones that you & Holly made when U were babysitting @ Merretick’s? You know, the ones that called 4 egg whites & U gals crushed the shells since they were the only white part of the egg?
    Sorry, I couldn’t resist!!! luv U! Mom

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