Main Dish – Roll-up Beef

Well, my summer playlist is being updated as I write. I keep meaning to write to all of the mission trip travelers to update their own playlists so we can share some great music on our road trip. I’m adding Miranda Lambert as well as the 2014 Grammy Nominees–who knew there was a CD of these award nominees?! Great idea! Of course, it was the Elmhurst Public Library’s catalog that helped me figure out these even existed. Nice!

Last Saturday, my brother and sister-in-law were in Chicago for the day. We, along with what seemed like at least half of the city’s population, enjoyed a beautiful day in town. We toured the Art Institute, and walked around beautiful Millenium Park, where I took the photo above. It was such a nice day to be with them, and I’m so thankful they took the extra day to visit. Seriously, they are probably the easiest houseguests we’ve ever had stay with us. Love you, David and Jen!

Roll-out Beef
I’m not a huge fan of round steak, but this preparation (p. 57) makes the fairly inexpensive cut of beef nice and tender. The pickles, onion, and bacon also add to the flavor.


You can’t beat how easy this recipe is–well, that is if you remember where your kitchen twine is. I know I bought some awhile back for another recipe in the cookbook, but I couldn’t locate it when I needed it. So…you can see here, I just skewered the meat/onion/pickle/bacon combo (with a reasonable amount of success) to keep it all hanging together.

The first goal is to brown the meat on both sides.


Then add the beef broth, and let it cook low and slow for a long time. The recipe didn’t specify exactly how long this should be. I let it simmer for an hour while I got on the treadmill and puttered around the house.

Speaking of the treadmill, I bought some good running shoes today, and I’m hoping that they, along with better stretching will help to prevent the shin splints I was getting last weekend when I was jogging/walking. I won’t say I’m running, but I’m consistently getting miles covered in about 11 minutes.

I’m hoping the week at camp with that good southern cooking isn’t going to throw me off my healthy goals. My hope is that within about 3 weeks I can make it to my 10% weight-loss goal, and then keep going once I set a goal weight. Of course, the trick for me is maintenance, especially over the winter. Scott and I lamented last winter that one of the only fun things you can do is eat when the weather is gross. That presumption, along with my cookbook project didn’t really help me in the good health department, which I’m paying for now. But thankfully what I’m doing now is working.


Anyhoo, back to the roll-up beef: here’s what it looks like all finished, which I ate along with some lemon pasta salad (p. 11). Yum!

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