Potato Chip Cookies- with and without Pecans

Note to our readers:  While Julie is away, I will be posting about more of the treats we’ve been making from the cookbook.  I accidentally posted this last night without finishing it, so here is the rest!

Birthday Memories

The week between my daughter’s birthday and mine has become a very special, just as it was when my gram and I were the “birthday twins”. This week we have been in a very unsettled weather pattern. Did you know that June is the rainiest month of the year? I remember being surprised on that fact shared by my very sharp father-in-law a few years ago. I am sure it is because we get quite a few thunderstorms/heavy downpours in our area. It’s very problematic since our town was built on swamp land and returns to its roots very easily during the rains. Historically, we’ve also some tornado warnings during this part of June that had us seeking cover in our basement, with lots of trees down and a power outages.

Four years ago, we had planned a get together for my daughter’s birthday at local pool, but had to move it since they, as well as we were without power. Three years ago, we had a tornado warning around 9 pm and microbursts that took down many trees and the power for an entire day. The next morning was my birthday. I had planned a nice birthday for myself, going for an early morning swim, working for awhile before hosting bible study, having a nice dinner at home before I went to work that evening.

God had a different plan for that birthday. After a long night calming frightened toddlers (and myself), I desperately needed a cup of coffee. It was a beautiful clear morning as I manually opened the garage door and took our double stroller out for a walk. We went in search of hot coffee and breakfast as we surveyed the devastation from the microburst. Ancient trees had fallen and were blocking streets, branches were everywhere. Seven Eleven and Starbucks, our 2 usual stops were without power (no coffee). Finally, a beacon shone when we saw that Panera had power. We spent the day visiting with neighbors and friends, napping, doing puzzles and playing games. For dinner, we went to Portillo’s, who had also amazingly been spared. We got shared a piece of their amazing chocolate cake. Our power was back on when I returned from work that evening.

I have thought of that day so often since, and my kids love to reminisce about mom’s power outage birthday. What I realized is that God’s plan for that day ended up making it so much more special and memorable than mine did. We don’t realize how dependent we have become on technology and electricity. Taking both away helped me shift my focus back towards HIM and what is really important in life.

Potato Chip Cookies- with and without Pecans

Here was yet another new thing I learned from our cookbook- crushed potato chips make a great addition to cookies! There are 2 excellent recipes on page 101.   One of the contributors and bible study friend, Donna H, was a great resource as we were making them. She pointed out that the kettle chips are the best type to use in these recipes because they are less greasy.

Thos was an experiment as I had some kettle chips leftover from a gathering I hosted . The ones left behind were vinegar and salt flavored.


There were many hands involved in this! Both kids were happy to crush the chips and Donna H was answering questions via text as we whipped both recipes together.  We ran out of butter for the potato chip cookies with pecans from Patti G and ended up using smart balance margarine.  They were fabulous as well.

IMG_0349 IMG_0366



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