The GOSPEL and Ma Hoff’s Chip Dip

Now that I have your attention with this title, let me tell you that our Pastor’s enjoyment of Ma Hoff’s chip dip during a recent meeting might have inspired this title!

It was a great chip dip for those horseradish lovers and this Irish dietitian has a few things to learn about this herb used in German cuisine.  More on the roots (pun intended) of horseradish later….



Crystal group counselors giving award for reverence at closing ceremony


Do you know what GOSPEL means?

My children had an amazing week at Spring Hill Camp.  They came home excited each day, brimming with stories of activities and important lessons learned.  There was a  Parent Connection newsletter that came home each day with a summary of their activities, follow-up questions and suggestions for dinner dialogue.  I saved the Wednesday connection letter because I was so moved by each of the kids telling me what GOSPEL means:

G=God. God loves us very much and did something amazing for us, even though we do not deserve it.

OS= Our Sins.  Our sins have separated us from God.

P=Paid.  God sent His Son Jesus to die and take the punishment for our sins.  He paid the price so that we could have a relationship with God.

E=Everyone  This gift is for everyone!

L= Life  When we accept this gift, we have life! A guarantee to be with God forever


Counselors and children in  McKinnley group giving the Imagination award on Tie Dye Friday

Ma Hoff’s Chip Dip

This was a very easy recipe to put together, found on page 5 of our cookbook, brought to us by the lovely Joan H, a wonderful hostess and encouraging friend.  I loved that it only had 3 ingredients, which helped since I was making this for a meeting I was hosting while my husband was out of town.  I do not remember purchasing horseradish before, so we did have to stop at Mariano’s to buy this with 3 kids (my 2 and a tag along friend) in tow.  I started in the produce aisle without success and luckily the produce manager had an idea where it was in the store.  We went on an interesting journey following this dedicated grocer around the large store.  He would not compromise for the prepared horseradish that one of my astute charges spotted on a high shelf.  We even got a tour of the back room where he went to find someone who could knew where freshly ground horseradish was kept.  Finally, our grocery store parade (now with 6 followers) came to a halt when we found it,  sandwiched between the freshly cut meat and dairy cases.


Mysterious and best kept secret in the grocery store

I added this to some low fat cream cheese and thawed grated white onion I had in the fridge.  I was advised by my mentor, Nancy O and Pastor Stieg that it could have used more than the 1 T.  of horseradish that the recipe noted.  Coming from bland Irish cuisine roots, I followed the recipe and even added some low fat sour cream to “tone it down”.


Served with Kettle cooked chips, compliments of Nancy, who always has my back!


Joan’s ending comments are perfect to close this post:  Be careful- it’s addicting!


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