Rain, Rain go away and bring us July already!


As Julie and I have mentioned before, this Spring and Summer have been unusually rainy in the Chicago area.   I was able to guess the weather forecast by observing the children’s behavior in the day camps that meet at our facility this past Monday.  As one of our managers said, “Monday was exploding all over us”!  We have doubled our usual rainfall with over 1 foot of rainfall in June.  When I wrote this earlier in the week, we were having another torrential downpour and my friend/neighbor was sending texts to check on me, hoping that the basement is dry and power is still on.  When I returned to work on Tuesday morning, the same manager cheerfully pointed out that we now have lakefront property… meaning the grassy retention pond, where the day camps meet, was now under water.

Stormy evenings are good to hunker down, bake and watch the weather forecast, especially WGN’s Tom Schilling.http://wgntv.com/2014/06/30/1-minute-forecast-thunderstorms-to-pass-by-afternoon-warm-temps-ahead/   I enjoy watching Tom’s extremely educational weather reports, especially when my parents are visiting.  We chuckle because he is the exact opposite of their local meteorologist, who is so busy pulling pranks that you shut the TV off and wonder what the weather forecast really is.

Speaking of my folks, yesterday was their 47th wedding anniversary.  What a great blessing their long and beautiful marriage has been to all of us 🙂  We are looking forward to their visit later this month.



Red White and Blue Cookies



As the Fourth of July approaches, everything around here starts turning red, white and blue, including our meals! I love to make a special dessert to celebrate the holiday. This week I reviewed the cookbook to find some recipes that would lend themselves to being red/white/blue. I’ll blog about the strawberry yogurt cake experiment in the next few days. My daughter talked me into making some sugar cookies that we decorated in red/white/blue. For a quick baking “fix”, a small package of Betty Crocker or Dunkin Hines cookie mix works great… easy enough for a first grader to whip up with a little help from mom 🙂 We bought some premade frosting and sprinkles for decorating the cookies as well as the cake.



The cookies were a good treat for my kids after lunch and also for my co-workers at Harbor Light Hospice, who sit through a long meeting bi-weekly to review each patient’s care.  I’m happy to report that they already finished off the 2 trays I brought in, so the leftovers won’t tempt me on the way back to Elmhurst!




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