Strawberry Yogurt Cake gets Patriotic!



Everyone is looking forward to the Fourth of July, including my family.  Last year was the first time since my son was born that we were out to see the fireworks.   It looks like we will have a repeat performance this year and I’m happy to report that the weather looks much better than it did earlier this week.

We are fortunate to still have my dear Father-in-law nearby in Lisle.  He lives at a beautiful facility, Brookdale Plaza, in their independent living section.   Adjacent to the property is the Eyes to the Skies festival, which includes a carnival, balloon launches and 3 nights of fireworks.  Last year after spending the afternoon and evening with Grandpa at Eyes to the Skies, my son said, “Grandpa’s hotel sure knows how to throw a great party”!

Strawberry Yogurt Cake

I scoured the cookbook for a recipe that would lend itself to red/white/blue theme.  I found this delicious recipe from Sharon A on page 88 for a cake with fresh diced strawberries folded into the batter.  It seemed like adding blueberries and leftover white frosting/sprinkles from the cookies we made earlier in the day would make this cake patriotic.  “Betty Crocker Jr.” found Lego Ninjago more interesting than helping mom with this baking project, so I did this one solo.  Miraculously, I had all the ingredients in the refrigerator, but sadly, my hand-held mixer died.   It occurred to me that the Cuisinart cake blade would do the trick instead!




Another slight change was using Greek yogurt instead of 8 oz of vanilla yogurt.  I folded in the diced fresh strawberries and blueberries just after pouring batter from Cuisinart  into the pan.  The other miracle was that I hadn’t discarded my  bundt pan.


I had a small blunder after taking the cake out. I was too hasty with inverting the bundt pan and some of the very moist cake fell out! I did some quick patch work and figured it would look ok with the icing and sprinkles as long as no one notices it is leaning to the side a bit!

Here it is, pre-icing.  The icing Sharon A uses in the recipe would have been lighter, but I needed the heavier white frosting and sprinkles to disguise my mishap.



Here is the finished product.   It was a delicious treat for us during our bible study at the library yesterday afternoon and what a blessing to see my sisters in Christ growing in number, even in the Summer months.  We just started the study of the book of Isaiah, which is a new to several of us.   I also feel blessed with this special group of bible study ladies (as named by my kiddos), who are always keeping each other in prayer and encouraging one and other.


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