This n That – Rhubarb Jelly

The Sink Saga
Well, this past Sunday was a day for plumbing at our house. The toilet clogged, the bathtub drain was clogged, and the sink in the upstairs bathroom was clogged.

I attacked the first two problems with gusto. My plumber had previously showed me how to get hair out of the bathtub drain, and the toilet plunger did good work on the toilet.

But then came the sink from hell.

The thing about living in a house that’s 50 years old is that the plumbing is pretty much worn out. Pipes just don’t last forever, and having a good plumber on call is sure helpful!

First, I plunged the drain, and that brought up a bunch of gross black stuff. I mean, we didn’t put black stuff into the drain, so where did that come from?
That seemed to help somewhat, but then came the putting-the-pipes-back-together issue.

I replaced on piece of the pipe contraption. Then another. And then when the joints still leaked, I threw in the towel (no pun intended!) and called the plumber. He’s been up there working on the sink for about an hour.

As a matter of fact, he just stepped into the kitchen, holding up his hack saw, and said, “I see why you gave up! I almost did too.” Now he’s clearing out the drain, so hopefully all will be clear and running well for many moons.

Here’s the sink filled with water, and…


…and here it is all drained! Hooray!20140710-090338-32618485.jpgRhubarb Jelly
Well, it’s pretty great to get free stuff. But to get free stuff pre-chopped AND MEASURED is even better! My supervisor at work, Cher, got me free Michigan rhubarb, and then chopped and froze it so that I could use it after my trip to N.C.

Yesterday, she gave me the frozen packages, and now I’m using up almost all of my sugar to flavor the three rhubarb recipes I’m doing in one fell swoop.

I mean that’s what stinks about rhubarb–you have to use truckloads of sugar to make it taste at all edible.


Here’s the jelly burbling and bubbling away.

And here’s the finished product.

20140710-090308-32588152.jpgI’m pretty excited about having this on hand to give as gifts or whatever. Love it! And it tastes delicious.


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