Vegetables and Side Dishes – Carrots Vichy

Thoughts on Death
Here’s an interesting blog post about why young people should be thinking about death. Sounds morbid, eh? But I like this guy’s reasoning. This is from a blog written by a funeral director.

We recently found out that the son of one of our closest friends has become a funeral director. It’s an interesting profession–and one of great service to those who are grieving. It’s the last opportunity to show dignity for the deceased and care for the family members left behind.

As the wife of a Lutheran pastor, I’ve been to many funerals–not nearly as many as my husband, but still more than the average person. It’s a privilege to be there for someone in their most vulnerable moments.

Thinking about death can help us to appreciate all that we have. It can help us to put into perspective all the things in our lives that don’t really matter–like sink sagas, and all the minor headaches of day-to-day life.

But death wasn’t intended in God’s original plan, and we sure feel it, don’t we? The loss when a family member or friend dies is almost unbearable. God’s intent when He created Adam and Eve was to for them to have perfect fellowship with Him and each other. But sin has messed all that up.

Still, I guess we can in some ways find the silver lining to death being a part of our existence, and this blog may help.

Carrots Vichy
I’m not exactly sure what cooking the carrots in club soda does to affect the texture, flavor, or otherwise, but here is another blog post about carrots vichy. I’m a little jealous of this blog writer’s fabulous looking multi-colored carrots!

“Vichy” refers to an area in France, and the name of the dish refers to the mineral water which is natural in Vichy. Basically, these are just boiled carrots, dotted with butter and sprinkled with sugar. I mean, that’s like calling hard-boiled eggs some fancy dish like Eggs Corsica because in Corsica they learned how to boil eggs with water!

This recipe calls for the carrots to be cooked in club soda and sugar. Once the carrots are softened, you remove them from the liquid and boil it down until it makes a syrup.

Here’s the liquid boiling away…


And here’s the finished product! We had the carrots with the vodka pasta sauce. Yum!



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