Salads – Texas Caviar

I realized the other day that I haven’t updated my scrapbooks in forever. Usually I try to get updated with recent photos over the New Year break and in the summertime. But since my work schedule has changed and isn’t so dependent the school calendar, I realized I’ve gotten behind. The last thing I added to my scrapbook was at the end of 2012.

So I’m getting a BUNCH of photos printed, and then will start to get them inserted into a scrapbook. When I was at a thrift store recently, I found a brand-new scrapbook for $2.99, and really scored when I found Creative Memories pages and page protectors for cheap–12-packs of them for $1.99 each. Sweet! That’s what I love about going to Goodwill. You never know what you’ll find!

There’s a lot that’s happened in a year and a half. I’ve been on two mission trips, had a son graduate from high school, and been at workshops and on various trips. I don’t go crazy with my scrapbooks because then I’d never actually be caught up. But I do like to have photos with some captions. I always enjoy looking back over my old scrapbooks. Things change so fast!

We’re going to take Lucy in to the vet this week. While in a lot of ways, she seems happy and content, she’s really struggling to get around. She’s having some potty issues. She can’t go up and down the stairs–and it’s been a long time since she was able to go on a walk. I hope the vet can tell us at least how much pain she’s in and that sort of thing. She may do well for another few months…who knows.

So when I can look back at my scrapbooks and realize just how little she was when we got her 13 years ago, and remember all the games we used to play with her, the dog parks we went to, the trips she came on…then I think her life kinda stinks now. Hard to know the right thing to do.

Texas Caviar
I’ve had several variations of this recipe (p. 32), and I’ve heard it most often called Southwest Bean salad. Texas Caviar is a colorful twist on the name, isn’t it!?

And it’s a colorful salad! This is the kind of salad you just keep adding stuff to. It would make a nice offering for a potluck or to use when entertaining because it looks so pretty in the bowl.

Here are a bunch of the ingredients:


And look how great it turned out!


For the dressing, I changed it quite a bit to lighten it up. I mixed:

2 T olive oil
1 T cider vinegar
1/2 t salt
1/4 t pepper
scant 1/4 c splenda

And it tastes great!


2 responses

  1. I remember sadly in 1991 when Craig Carpenter, Liberty’s vet, told me that she wasn’t enjoying a very good quality of life. Her hips were just too displastic. She was 15+ years old at that time. I was the “stuckee. A few days later she was gone to a much happier hunting ground – – a sad day for this kid as well as all of the rest of us. I’ve never forgotten her.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts. I miss Libby, poor old girl. Feel the same way about Lucy now. Can’t believe when we got her, Jacob was just going into kindergarten. Lots of happy memories with her, though.

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