Main Dishes – Chicken Tetrazzini

My wake-up committee
In the mornings, when it’s time for breakfast, I get some very clear signals from my furry buddies that tell me their stomachs are ready for food. Here they are!

They also appear at the end of naptime on Sunday afternoons. Dewey is a little more subtle, however. He just stands around and meows.

I thought I’d also share a series of pictures of Yuki. Dinner was ready and waiting one evening last week. I was waiting for the family to get home, but had everything on the table. Yuki took that opportunity to try, ever so stealthily to steal some food.

Here he is, lying on the table, trying to look inconspicuous.


And then he edges a little closer.


And closer still.


And it was at this point, that I thought enough was enough and told him to get down. Oh Yuki. Scott and I remembered the other day that when Yuki was a kitten, he was even more intense about eating than he is now. When I would pour the food into their bowls, he would become so upset that he’d throw himself against the cabinet. We said he had an “angry” stomach. He really did.

Chicken Tetrazzini
I thought I had spaghetti noodles already so I did not buy them at the store this week. But when I looked in the cabinet, none were to be found! So instead, I used penne pasta. I do think the spaghetti would have been better though, so I recommend following the recipe! It didn’t help that I sort of forgot the dish was in the oven and overcooked it. Sheesh. Oh well, it was still a healthy and hearty dinner that we all enjoyed.



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