Vegetables and Side Dishes – Belgian Carrots

Shower Doors and More
Over the weekend, I had a couple of house projects on my agenda. One was to finish the weeding and bush-trimming in the backyard. Check!

Another project on Jacob’s list was to clean the gutters and remove the shower door from the downstairs bathroom.

Shortly after moving into our house almost 5 years ago, we noticed that the shower door was broken. Not the glass, but the hinge. It opens, but sort of hangs, teeteringly on the hinge. I had a handyman look at it, to see if it could be repaired, but he suggested that we replace it. However, the size is unusual. It’s small–a 30-inch square stall. To replace the door would have been an expensive proposition.

We were sort of thinking of updating the whole bathroom anyhow, and my plumber had a good idea about how to expand it to be a larger shower stall. So I was pondering all of this.

But when my brother Gary visited in May, he came up with a brilliant solution. Remove the door! It’s funny. The solution has been there all along. So easy!

I looked on Pinterest, and saw how other people did it. And this evening, Jacob got in there and took care of it. Hooray!

I bought a short shower curtain rod and a shower curtain liner, and when I get the rings for the liner, I’ll be all set!

Belgian Carrots
These carrots are a simple side dish. What makes the difference is the onion and fresh parsley. I’ve been struggling to grow basil this summer. I’m not sure if it’s the rain this summer, or exactly why the basil won’t grow. It’s all yellow and puny looking. But my curly parsley is doing quite well. Here’s a snip of it.

Add some minced onion, and cook the carrots. Easy.

It’s a tasty and colorful side dish.


I served the carrots with Bruschetta Chicken, a great grilled chicken dish topped with bruschetta-style tomatoes.


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