Vegetables and Side Dishes – Broccoli Casserole

Broccoli Casserole
I’ll admit it: this is sort of cheating. I didn’t really follow this recipe (p. 40) except to use two of the ingredients–broccoli and colby cheese. So if I get a bunch of hate mail, I guess I’ll redo this post and follow the exact recipe.

When I looked at the recipe, I just didn’t have the energy to put all the ingredients together. So instead I just cooked frozen broccoli, shredded some cheese, added a little butter and salt and decided to be done with it.

The sad thing about cooking now that Lucy is gone is that she was always my cooking buddy. She’d stand at my left hip waiting for a treat. It’s her constant companionship I’m really going to miss. She was always a “velcro dog” with me at all times. And even though we still have 3–yes 3!–cats, the house is uber quiet. Silent. Eerily silent. No more jangling dog tags, no more nails tapping on the floor, no more panting and barking.

Lucy Rules:
1. There’s no such thing as stranger danger.
2. Let’s call a spade a spade: all food is dog food!.
3. Nothing is better than sticking your nose out an open car window.
4. Nothing is better than dinnertime.
5. Nothing is better than when your family comes home!

Even though her birthday was actually in May, just this week, I got a birthday card in the mail for her. “Lucy, we have a birthday gift for you!” it said next to a photo with dogs in party hats.

Being without her has made me acutely aware of all of the dogs around me–in the park, in advertisements, on TV, around the neighborhood.

But I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me this week with hugs and texts and emails and orchids and picture frames and all of the many various ways people show they care about me. Thank you all!

So forgive me for being so lame about the recipe tonight. I apologize to Sheree in advance! I’m sure it would be delicious–the broccoli and cheese alone was great.

Here are a couple of Lucy’s last pictures.


4 responses

  1. Oh, I am in tears!!  I am so sorry for the loss of Lucy, it just breaks my heart.  I know she is now out of pain and in such a better place, animal heaven! But boy, I know she is missed here by her family.  I’m hoping the kitties will rise to the occasion and show you extra love. Thinking of you.

    Julie Wolfe

  2. Lucy will ALWAYS be a friend to you; she’ll never be far from your side. And that’s her feeling toward you as well. Keep her collar and leash nearby and just rattle them a bit when the urge strikes you. As for me, every night before I go to bed I still fondle Libby’s old scarf which lives on an old lamp nearby. It’s a nice way to let her know her old Dood will never forget her.


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