Cookies – Frontera’s Mexican Chocolate Pecan Bars

Mushroom Rock
Well, the highlight of the day was definitely the climb up and the view from Mushroom Rock, near Carbondale, Colo. The rain fell on my morning hike up to Doc Holliday’s grave. I was pretty drenched by the time I got back but got some pretty cool photos. I especially like the clouds hanging below the mountaintops.

The rain lingered for four or five hours. Finally around 2:00, the sun came out, and things started to brighten up. So Jacob and I decided to try Mushroom Rock, otherwise known as Red Hill. The hike was strenuous, but not impossible, and the reward was pretty amazing.

On the way up, we saw all sorts of small lizards, interesting red stone, and amazing trees with these cool designs, lichen, and beautiful whorls of design.


The last little bit of the hike was pretty treacherous. Think: full cardiac arrest. Not really. But sorta. This picture doesn’t do it justice, but this was the final little ascent.

Jacob had ants in his pants, so I told him to scurry on ahead. My last text to him as I scrambled up this final push was: “I might die.”

But I didn’t.

And look what we saw from the top!



What was really frightening and cool about our perch was just how far down our fall could’ve been.

But don’t worry, we were careful. I didn’t fall until the way down, when I slipped on the wet sandy path. Just hurt my pride and the palm of my left hand.

In the valley below is the small town of Carbondale, and rising impressively from the valley is Mt. Sopris. It was veiled in clouds most of the time, but you can see it peeking out in this photo.

And here’s Jacob. It looks like he could fall off of the side of the world, but really his fall would have been about 20 feet, followed by a 300 foot roll. No biggie.


It was a great hike!

Frontera’s Mexican Chocolate Pecan Bars

Well, these are amazing. Fran H. made them for an open house we hosted a couple of years ago. I asked her for the recipe. She not only gave me the recipe, but also a bag of ghiradelli chocolate chips to use in the cookie dough. Yum! So I don’t have a photo for you for this one, but just take it from me that these are so rich and delicious, they are well worth the time to make!

One thing that I appreciate about Fran is her attention to detail, which so often eludes me. I wish it didn’t. I try to make lists and be organized, but inevitably something falls through the cracks. With Fran, though, you know a task is fully investigated, researched, and then performed with unflinching attention to detail!


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  1. Unbelieveable photos – – and all taken not very far from our home too. I sure would like to eat some of those cookies as I watch the long-needed rain here near Denver.

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