Appetizers – Ham Appetillas

Jerry’s Nut House
One of my dad’s favorite spots on earth is Jerry’s Nut House in Denver. Their Oriental Mix is the best in the world. So I took a trek down to the nut house with him one morning of our time in Denver. We found some other surprising things.
Gummy Fried Eggs:

Gummy Green Frogs:

And for those needing a little boost, Rhino Trail Mix will “keep you charged up!”

Like I said, the oriental mix, which has sesame sticks, wasabi peas, peanuts, and other good stuff. You have to try it. Go here to order online. My dad says the best thing to do is go to the store in east Denver and inhale deeply! All the lovely popcorn, nut smells are amazing!

Ham Appetillas
If I remember correctly, Dianne F. served this delicious dish at a book club meeting–or at least she told us about it. Now I am having trouble remembering. These are very similar to Mexican Pinwheels. The base is a cream cheese mixture with olives and ham laid over the top before the tortillas are rolled up. I’m chilling them now, and then will slice them later before we head to the family get together.

They’re yummy!


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  1. Mmmm – – those Jerry’s Nut House goodies are simply irresistible! Jerry’s is flavored with the sweet smells of all the stuff being roasted, stirred, bagged and stored right on site in downtown Denver in the capitol hill area. Jerry’s was launched in 1948 and has been greatly successful all of the years since then.

    What’s more, you’re only a few blocks from the gold-domed Colorado Capitol; from the home of Colorado’s poet laureate, Thomas Hornsby Farrel; and from one of Denver’s most beautiful churches, Trinity United Methodist with its unbelievable stonework and steeple.

    Treat yourself to a memorable visit to Jerry’s.

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