Vegetables and Side Dishes – Baked Mashed Potatoes

The Crazyness of Summer

Well, my crazy summer is nearly over. Here’s all that’s happened:

Jacob graduated from high school – check!

Youth mission trip to North Carolina – check!

Vacation and visiting family – check!

Glen workshop and work on my poetry collection – check!

Sending my new manuscript off to my agent – check!

Shopping for all of Jacob’s college stuff – check!

Depositing Jacob at college – still on to-do list, but will happen in the next couple of days

Everyone around me is saying that the summer has gone by so fast, but when I look at my crazy list of things I had to get done, it’s no surprise to me that the summer has whizzed by.

Still the fact that our mild summer weather is going to soon turn a corner is something I’m in total denial about. Someone told me this week that forecasters predicted this coming winter would be even snowier and colder. Seriously. This is something I cannot accept.

But the days march on by, whether we want them to or not. I’m so grateful for a summer of great memories and warm family gatherings, of time together with friends, and time to dedicate to my writing. I’m grateful for the blessings of good weather and time spent outdoors. Fall is knocking on our door, and while I love the turning leaves and the cool sweater weather, I’m not prepared for that just yet.

Baked Mashed Potatoes

Since this is Jacob’s last weekend home, I decided to cook him his favorite foods. Since I’ve been eating and serving so much rabbit food lately, and he’s always whining about wanting more meat and potatoes, for dinner one evening this weekend, we’ll have steak and mashed potatoes. I’m making Dianne F.’s delicious baked mashed potatoes dish (p. 25).

You boil your potatoes in the normal way, and then I usually add milk and butter to the potatoes and fluff them up. This recipe calls for light sour cream and light cream cheese, plus salt and pepper with butter pats and paprika on top for garnish. I tasted a spoonful, and wow–these are yummy. I think Jacob will be a happy pre-college student!

photo 3-14

Along with the potatoes, I’m going to grill up some ribeyes. I found the marinade at Spark Recipes.

photo 4-9Here are the potatoes ready to go into the oven. They look and taste great! Thanks, Dianne, for this great recipe to spoil my son with.

P.S. Just figured out we have 137 days left until Dec. 31, and 94 recipes to go. That’s roughly 19 weeks, and so even with my being behind these last couple of weeks, I figure we should still be okay to make it to the end of the project if we get 5 recipes done per week. If anyone who contributed a recipe would like to make it and take photos, please feel free to volunteer! We are lining up the cooks. 🙂



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  1. Well, this oldster doesn’t do a whole lot of cooking, or even stuff-collecting, but I’m pretty good at hunting down and fixing things. I just finally retrieved the hook-rammis-frammis from behind the stove where we (Julie & I) dropped it a few weeks ago. The bizgotch will now be happier holding up the hot pad correctly. (Photos available)

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