Back to School Blues

My children are starting back to school this week at a new school.  There is excitement, anticipation, along with the “first day of school jitters”.  I heard my son quietly tell his teacher about Immanuel, where he attended preschool and first grade, “It was the only place I have had an education”.  Yesterday, he insisted on a trip to ACE for a padlock to use on his locker so no one will put worms in his lunchbox!   The previous night, he was life of the party at the  Edison’s back to school block party.

My daughter, entering 1st grade at Edison, is surprisingly more confident. She has already packed her lunch and backpack, picked out the clothes she is going to wear this week.   Could it be the  Frozen themed backpack/lunchbox/outfits? Or maybe each of us are dealing with this change in our own way?   I must admit I’m experiencing mixed emotions myself!  I miss the familiar loving faces and surroundings of the last 4 years but am excited for the new friends and opportunities that are 2 blocks away from home!

 sean and mk edison sign

Appetizers: Crab Dip and Cheese Ball

I made some of the appetizers for the birthday bash we had last month.  Both were super easy to put together several days ahead of the party and actually froze them to free space in the fridge.

I loved making this cheese ball, using the famous Merkts beer and almond cheeses and reduced fat cream cheese (trying to cut back somewhere!)  I put all the cheeses in microwave on defrost to make mixing easier, then cooled in fridge, formed into 2 balls and rolled in crushed pecans.   Just found this image and caption on their website,  If you are looking for some caloric laden game day treats, check out the recipe tab with the heading, “Drooling”

Do you use real cheddar on food the same way you use duct tape on everything else? You’re a Merkt’s man

My grandmother and her sister made a similar cheese ball for their famous happy hours, preparing and serving this brought back memories of  them. Thanks to the lovely Diane F, who has the sweetest smile that always brightens my day.


My mom suggested cutting the ball in half, which made it much easier for serving.  Here are my wonderful helpers posing with the appetizer before we put it out for the company. Our fabulous crab dip is also pictured here with some fresh veggies, as suggested by contributor, Joan H, another encouraging woman who is a fantastic hostess as well!  As promised by Joan in her recipe, it was a real crowd pleaser!



IMG_0884 IMG_0886


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