Take Them a Meal: Chicken Casserole

I was just invited to join a group that will be taking meals to a friend’s family from a website called, Take Them A Meal.  This site offers a free meal scheduler, which sends invitations and email reminders, recipe suggestions and also gives you the option to take the easy (but more expensive) way out by offering a prepared meal delivery service.

The friend I mentioned is Lori Vierow. She is the mother an Immanuel Lutheran school friend.  Her husband was instrumental in helping Redeemer plan our wonderful organic garden that has produced hundreds of pounds for a local food pantry.  Lori has given me permission to share her story here.  She was recently diagnosed with leukemia and will be undergoing a stem cell transplant in a few days.  Then, she will need to be in isolation for 100 days, without the comforts of her home or family.  Despite her illness, she has done an amazing job using social media as well as websites like Take them a meal, Caring Bridge and Go Fund Me to help her take care of her family and herself during the “100 days”.  She is close, but not quite to the amount needed to pay for her medical expenses. If you wish to contribute, it is very easy to do so at  Go Fund Me

The amazing Lori and her daughter!

The amazing Lori and her daughter!

Chicken Casserole

Friends of ours from Redeemer recently were blessed with their fifth child.  I thought it would be a good idea to bring them a home cooked meal instead of another baby outfit.  This darling was their fourth girl, and I’m looking forward to becoming better acquainted with her older brother in our third and fourth grade Sunday school class this Fall.

This was a great opportunity to make the Chicken Casserole from page 42.  I hope to make the white lasagna with creamed mushrooms from page 62 for the Vierow family in mid-September.

The chicken casserole was submitted by Cheryl D, who also served on our cookbook committee.  I really appreciated how easy this recipe was to put together.  I doubled it so it would make a larger family meal and a small casserole for us to enjoy at home that evening.   Most of the ingredients were things I had on hand, such as chicken, rice, celery, lemon juice, mayonnaise, onions, almonds and bread crumbs.   All we needed was cream of mushroom soup, which was easy enough to find at local grocery store.

Here is a favorite “shortcut” I keep on hand for recipes that call for diced onions/celery:


I usually have some bags of this and chopped onions in my freezer to save me some time and energy 🙂

I also used whole wheat bread crumbs and long grain brown rice to add fiber,  Found these at Mariano’s but they are easy enough to make by putting the heels of whole wheat bread that most people won’t eat in the food processor.


Here is the casserole prior to being delivered to our friends from Redeemer, with my ever-present can of seltzer water!

The casserole after being cooked for my family, which we enjoyed along with fresh-cut fruits and veggies.



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