Cookies and Candy – Alte Deutsche Nussplaetzchen

Julie here –
I’m starting to recover from my summer–all the good and the bad. Saying goodbye to Jacob and leaving him in the hallway of his dorm on Wednesday was the second in my list of hard things I had to do this summer. The first hard thing was more permanent–putting our loving, beautiful dog down. A relationship with a dog is simple, really.

A relationship with a child is so much more complicated. I keep flashing back to those days when I was three months pregnant and we almost lost him. And those days when he was so, so little, and I’d call my mom and ask if him fidgeting in his sleep was normal. And to that day when he was three and walked confidently off to preschool. And to his 10th birthday party when he was so naughty I was embarrassed and angry. And to the day he got his driver’s license. And to the day when he told us his experience on a mission trip was one of the best of his life.

Being a mom has made my life exponentially deeper, richer, and more complicated. I was never afraid of heights until the day toddler Jacob looked out between the bars of a balcony he could’ve slipped through. I never knew fear until the day he was crossing the street in front of our house, lagging behind his friends and a car just missed hitting him. I’ve never felt more contentment than the day when he was about six months old; I had the baby thing figured out. He fit right inside the crook of my arm, and all was well with the world. And I never felt pride until I experienced his successes, his quick wit, saw him walk at graduation.

And when you have all these layers of memory wrapped up in this wonderful person, it’s sure hard to think of life at home without him. But I am resting easy. I know he has a big bright future, and I’m thrilled to sit on the sidelines and watch.

This weekend, I’m cleaning up the house after all of the various trips and events of the summer, and starting to go through Jacob’s room where I unearthed an old backpack. I wanted to give it to Goodwill, but before I could do that, I had to empty out all the garbage from inside. There I found an envelope and inside was a signed permission slip and a CHECK for some 8th grade field trip. Sheesh. These are the treasures I’ll find buried deep in the recesses of his room. Oy.

Alte Deutsche Nussplaetzchen
Well, I have no idea what the name of this recipe (p. 91) means, but man are these cookies out of this world! Sometimes when I make a really great dish, I taste it, and I can’t believe it actually came out of my kitchen. That’s how I felt after tasting these. They’re that good. The recipe is a little bit involved, but not difficult. You just roll out the dough onto a cookie sheet, shape it into a rectangle, and then brush it with an egg white mixture and sprinkle with nuts and cinnamon. So it’s not difficult, but takes a few steps to get ‘er done.

The directions say to mix the ingredients until a stiff dough forms, but it never really stuck together for me until I put the dough on the cookie sheet and sort of mashed it together. It rolled out nicely, but needed a bit of flour so it wouldn’t stick.

Here’s the leftover dough (aren’t you proud that I didn’t pig out and eat all the scraps?), which I rolled out and put onto a clay pizza sheet that Laura P. gave me. Thank you, Laura! Worked perfectly.

Take a look at those beauties!


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  1. In keeping with my editorial assistanceship assignment, here’s a translation I found on the internet for the German:

    “Use the protein foam for vegetables or garnishings, if the rather sweet taste doesn’t bother, or smuggle it into a curd flaky pastry or into the caramel-nut cookies.”

    Not sure I totally get the drift, but I definitely prefer the second choice !

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