Vegetables and Side Dishes – Zucchini & Cheese Casserole and Zucchini Fritatta

Julie here–
Zucchini & Cheese Casserole and Zucchini Fritatta
Well, you green thumbs came through in a big way! I got two more huge zucchinis this week, so I pounced on the two zucchini casserole recipes with gusto. Thank you to Naomi P. for donating the zucchinis–and for always being so thoughtful! You can see the size of these suckers when placed next to the nectarines I bought at the store.
I was a little leery of these recipes, to be honest. I mean, I am no stranger to mixing eggs with vegetables. You know me well enough by now to know that rabbit food is sort of my middle name. But I wasn’t sure how shredded zucchini and eggs would work. Since I had SO much zucchini, I decided to improvise with my lunch. I threw some shredded zucchini in a small skillet, let it simmer a bit, and then tossed in one egg, 1/4 c. egg substitute and some low-fat shredded cheese. Man–that was delicious! I was shocked.

Buoyed by that experience, I went after these two recipes. Here’s the mixture of shredded zucchini (which I chopped in my food processor), cheese, and egg.

So I decided to make two zucchini dishes–one with sausage, and one without. The vegetarian ones I’ll have for my lunches this week, so I cooked them in these little dishes. Cute, eh?

These two dishes (both p. 33) are so similar that I decided making them in one afternoon worked perfectly. Here’s the Zucchini Fritatta with the turkey sausage (because of course you know it wouldn’t be real sausage). Shirley Z. recommends cooking this in a 9×13 pan, but I figured my casserole dish would work. So here it is in all its glory.


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