Forgotten Cookies

Kelly here–
I took this picture early in the morning of my sweeties, perched on their favorite kitchen stool.  I am pretty sure she is holding her brother in place, being the more mature at that given moment.  They were anxiously awaiting the oven timer to count down so they could try the “no guilt” brownies (Trader Joe’s mix)  we’d just made.   Yes, it was only 7:15 am, but apparently, it is never too early for chocolate when you are a kid!

The brownies were plan B because the forgotten cookies were not a success 😦  What great sadness over this dietary disaster!  Hence, we were baking early in the morning because my son promised to bring a treat for his friends at sports camp.

I thought the forgotten cookies from pg. 96 would be easy and fun… any recipe with only 4 ingredients should be a “no-brainer”, right?  Our contributor, Lois Albers, suggested this as a Christmas cookie recipe and adding red or green food coloring.  Maybe we will repost a redo of this recipe around the holidays with the red/green coloring.

Here is our chief egg beater holding the mixer in the egg white mixture, most of the time!

Looking back over the recipe, I believe our mistake was that the egg whites were not whipped to the point of “stiffness” and sugar was added a little too quickly

IMG_0971 Caught red-handed sneaking chocolate chips!




I skipped the nuts due to fear of possible allergies at sports camp.  Here is the mixture, after 10 minutes of beating and after adding what was left of the chocolate chips!




We dropped teaspoons full of the runny mixture onto baking sheets and placed them in the preheated oven, closed (and locked) the oven door as I shut the heat off immediately, as the directions stated.  Many, many questions were asked about how this was going to work.


The finished product, which were quite delicious smelling and tasting when I tried one later that evening, despite their strange appearance.

I truly had forgotten that I had left the “forgotten cookies” in the oven for kids to see when they woke the next morning. After returning from early morning swim, I turned the oven on to preheat for the brownie recipe while I took a quick shower. Then, I started to smell the chocolate burning, and that is when the real dietary tragedy occurred!


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