Construction Excitement and Lemon Deluxe Bars

photo 4

Here comes the concrete!

Kelly here-

Nothing beats construction/house projects for great entertainment!  My neighbors are having a front yard makeover!  Every minute prior to school this week was spent on the front porch/sidewalk observing and interacting with the workers.

I enjoyed speaking with the concrete company owner, who did a great job on their new sidewalk and driveway.  He hails from County Mayo, Ireland, (where many of my ancestors immigrated from) and still has an Irish brogue after 30 years on this side of the pond.   Meanwhile,  his  “3 Amigos” were being interviewed by my son, who was very excited to report that they were all from Mexico.  Hopefully he used the Spanish he’s been learning since preschool to communicate with them!

Deluxe Lemon Bars

During our rainy Saturday afternoon at home, I was blessed to find all the ingredients I needed to make these tasty bars!  I decided as long as we were making the crinkle cookies and had quite a mess going, we should try these as well.

I loved that this was another 2 step recipe.  “Betty Crocker Jr.” was in charge of this recipe as usual.


Step 1: Cutting the butter into the flour/egg/sugar mixture


Step 2: Pressing the crust mixture into 9×13 pan and baking for 20 minutes

 We had used our mixer to make the chocolate crinkle cookies, so my daughter made the executive decision to use a whisk to mix the lemon juice, sugar, flour, etc mixture while the crust was baking.


Step 3: Mixing liquid topping while crust baked



Step 4, pour liquid lemon/sugar mixture over crust and return to oven for 20 minutes


After they cooled and were sprinkled with powdered sugar, I decided we needed to share them with some friends!  I brought them to the fellowship hour the next day.  By the time I remembered to take a picture of the finished product the bars had disappeared! Thanks Marian F for these fabulous bars that melt in your mouth!




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