Salads – Oriental Coleslaw

Julie here–
Back at it
Well, by now most of us are getting into the swing of the fall school year. I’ve got a planning meeting scheduled for next week for the youth group, and on the tails of that, we’ll be taking the kids on two retreats–one for the younger kids and then one for the high schoolers.

So while all of us college parents are still finding it strange to be in quieter, less active homes, we’re also diving into fall activities. This week I start tutoring at Timothy Christian again, working with the ESL students. It’s great to meet the new kids and hear about the summers of the returning ones.

I looked at the DuPage Forest Preserve fall schedule and circled a couple of the fitness walks and photo meet-ups, to take full advantage of the nicer weather before winter hits.

I’m starting a new Bible study for high school girls, based on the book Divine Makeover: God Makes Us Beautiful by Sharla Fritz. I have used her similar book Divine Design, and liked it. This one is geared more toward high school kids, so hopefully it’ll work well for the girls that will gather in my home soon.

And lately, I’ve been thinking myself of going back to school. I don’t know if I’ll actually give it a try or not, but over the years, I have considered pursuing a Master in Fine Arts in creative writing, and this summer heard about a great MFA program I’d love to enroll in. So I’m pondering it although having all three of my family members in higher education at the same time seems a little crazy. I have a master’s degree in English ed. which I’ve utilized a lot over the years, so I’m relatively sure I would benefit from the program just like I have from the first one. But even if I don’t enroll in it, I’m always excited and thankful to have time to attend workshops and conferences.

So hello, fall!

Oriental Coleslaw
This dish (p. 13) has a bright, oniony, light flavor which makes all of the veggies go down easy!

It’s easy too–just use a coleslaw mix add mandarin oranges, green onions, and break ramen noodles over the top. The dressing includes sugar, oil, vinegar, and the ramen noodle flavor packet. Easy! It’s best to wait to add the ramen noodles (and almonds, if you include those) until the last minute so they remain crispy.

Thank you, Karen O. for this delicious recipe!

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