Chocolate Crinkles

Kelly here–
I can always tell if a recipe was a success by the amount of splatter left behind in the cookbook!


I am glad I have an extra copy of the cookbook for times such as these!  We love our new handheld mixer but sometimes “Betty Crocker Jr.” is a little aggressive with the speed settings… and it’s difficult to focus on keeping beaters in the batter!

As I look at this page in my cookbook, it reminds me of my journey in motherhood.  It can be quite messy, even during life’s most “delicious moments”!  There is a lot of experimentation, teaching, learning for both the child and parent.  We are learning to clean up our messes as we go and not to sweat the small splatters that try to ruin things.

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

These are a popular cookie I’ve had many times at Christmas and was very easy to do in the 2 steps provided by Stacie and Barbara P. in our  recipe on page 94.  It is second of 2 the chocolate crinkle recipes that appears in our cookbook, with the other just prior to that page 93 from Monique H.  The first part of the recipe called for mixing all ingredients and chilling them overnight.  This provided a good activity for antsy kids on a rainy Saturday afternoon.  Since we were not in a rush, it was also a great time to work on how to read abbreviations in cooking (tsp. vs. Tbsp), as well as how to properly measure liquid and dry measures.



The second part was another great activity for a weird weather afternoon, when it looked like another set of storms would roll through at any minute.  Our friend, who was here for a play date, did an excellent job, along with “Betty Crocker Jr.” on forming chilled dough into small balls and rolling in confectioner’s sugar.  We were also fortunate to have a sweet young neighbor, who showed up to balance the estrogen/testosterone mix.  He is always offering to vacuum for me and even luckier for me, only payment he wants is to sample the cookies!





My next door neighbor, Sheila, had a birthday, so we brought her a plate of the finished product and wished her a happy birthday.  Much to my surprise delight,  she shared that these were her favorite type of cookies!  Nice job team!




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