Main Dishes – BBQ Beef Sandwiches

St. Monica, Mother of Augustine (August 27)

Julie here–I missed her exact day last week, but St. Monica is still worth talking about.

I love Monica. She was a mom, just like me. She worried about her son. She prayed for him to take the right course in life. And she lived 1700 years ago.

What’s remarkable about the story, though, is how God answered her prayers. Augustine was a young man “sowing his wild oats” when his mom prayed for him. He associated with other young men who sought to outdo each other in their sexual exploits. It was during this time that Augustine is famously remembered as praying, “God grant me chastity…but not yet.” So Monica prayed, like all moms do.

Augustine’s story had a dramatic turn, however. And what a Christian leader and writer he became. He converted to Christianity in 386 (baptized by Ambrose during an Easter vigil) and was soon ordained and then eventually became a bishop. His conversion story is in his Confessions, which has become a classic in Christian theology. Another classic is his City of God. He was a brilliant theologian and thinker, and still influences the church today.

God could’ve done that without Monica’s prayers. But her influence on his life helped this prodigal son return to God and the church.

BBQ Beef Sandwiches
This recipe (p. 39) is a basic sloppy joe-type sandwich. It’s easy–I started with 93% fat-free ground beef, browned that and added diced onion and green pepper. Then I added ketchup, a can of tomato paste, and then mustard and sugar. I’m putting the mixture on whole wheat bagel-thins.


Here’s how they came out:



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  1. Thanks for this history on St. Monica. My mom was recently just comparing herself to St. Monica and it made me smile. I can still see her picture on the page with St. Augustine’s in my favorite book of the Saints 🙂

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