Desserts – Strawberry Supreme Pie

Julie here–
Painting and Prada

Last Labor Day weekend I was busy with some painting projects around the house. And the projects have carried over through the rest of the week as well, so I haven’t had a lot of time to blog.

In addition, last Sunday I started the high school girls’ Bible study with girls at Redeemer. We’re using the book called Divine Makeover. As an opening to the session, I showed them part of an episode of “The Swan,” a mostly horrible show from about 10 years ago.

The idea was to take so-called “ugly ducklings,” do all sorts of cosmetic and dental surgeries on them, and give them “life coaching” and then eventually put them through a beauty pageant to see which one would be the “Swan”/beauty queen. It’s pretty horrific stuff, watching these average looking women who feel insecure about their appearance go through 15-20 surgical procedures to look more like a Barbie template.

I found the whole scenario unsettling at best. These poor, sad women who were already emotionally vulnerable went through these traumatic procedures in order to feel more lovable.

I wanted to set up for the girls the dichotomy between inner and outer beauty. The women in the show were trying to find happiness through their outer appearance. What I want these lovely young women who gather in my living room to discover is what is most important: inner beauty that comes from being sure of God’s love and care and being connected to each other. So we’re reading a little bit each week.

Thankfully, the painting project at my house is mostly done, and this “makeover” has created a more useable 2nd bathroom. Hooray! Here is the finished product.



Strawberry Pie
I decided to adjust the recipe just a bit. I got light yogurt, fat free cool whip, and strawberries. I decided to make it a crustless mousse. Here’s what I used for the ingredients:


Here is the delicious strawberry “pie”/mousse:



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