Main Dishes – No-Fuss Beef and Spinach Lasagne

Julie here–
Rally Day and More
On Sunday at church, we had our annual “Rally Day”–the day when everyone who has taken a hiatus from chu…, er, Sunday School returns. (We hope no one has taken a vacation from church all summer!) Linda F. organized the Sunday school teachers and kids, and Bruce H. provided yet another great meal.


It’s nice to see a larger crowd gather for adult Bible study. We’re working through the book of Exodus, which may sound dull to some, but honestly, my husband makes it interesting, though of course I realize I’m slightly biased. He takes these ancient, difficult texts and puts them into modern-day language and understanding, showing that God’s Word is relevant still today.

Today we talked about Exodus 3 and 4 where Moses shows his reluctance to be the spokesman for God to free the Israelites from the Egyptian taskmasters. Moses presents not one, not two, but five objections to God’s call, saying, in essence:
1) Who am I to talk to pharaoh? I’m not sure I can do it.
2) Who are You, God? They won’t believe me.
3) What skills do I have? I’m not qualified.
4) What if they don’t listen? They’ll ignore me.
5) Send someone else. I don’t wanna!

Can’t you hear the whininess in his voice? He’s being what I call a BWB (big whiny baby). I mean, seriously. This is God talking to you in that burning bush!

God responds to each objection patiently, reassuring Moses of His care and provision. And then eventually God suggests his brother Aaron can help him, so they head on down to Pharaoh to start the negotiations for the release of the Israelites.

Scott asked why we thought God chose Moses when He knew that Moses would be so reluctant and so dang whiny. The answer? God often chooses the meek, the humble, the unexpected to get things done. Think of David (the adulterer), Jonah (the escape artist), and many others. Being a prophet or God’s chosen leader is hard, and these guys probably realize that. But God provides whatever they need along the way, just as He still does for us today.

So when I am pondering a difficult job, or a difficult task that I know is the right thing to do, I pray for the boldness of Mary who, when told she’d be the mother of Jesus said so simply, “May it be to me according to Your word.” In other words, let it be. God will take care of the rest.

No-Fuss Spinach Lasagne
So, it’s probably a good thing Jacob is away at college. If he got wind of this recipe, he’d roll his eyes and moan so loud you’d hear him a block away. For this recipe, not only is there spinach in the lasagne, but I also replaced the ground beef with lean ground turkey AND I replaced the noodles with zucchini. He’d be saying, “Mom, you basically ruined what could be a delicious lasagne.” Well, Jacob, you may be right.

I really only made a couple of actual substitutions from the recipe (p. 52) since it calls for ground beef or turkey and includes the spinach. I changed the ricotta to lower fat and changed the noodles to zucchini. Here’s a recipe for zucchini lasagne, in case you’re interested.

Here’s the cheese filling with spinach, parmesan, an egg, and ricotta.


And here’s the easy meat sauce.


Here it is, layering zucchini instead of noodles. Ack! Please don’t send me hate mail about this substitution!


And here’s the finished product. As you may guess, it doesn’t hold together as well as lasagne noodles would do, but I thought it tasted great. Some sausage with zing would have improved it even more, but it’s a nice low-carb substitution in my book.


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