Laughter and Lasagna

The face says it all

photo 1

I am not sure what animal is painted on his face.   I have a feeling it was inspired by “What Does the Fox Say?”  Either way, you can tell he had a wonderful day and is loving life!

My son has a real knack for persuasion.   He managed to spend his birthday money before he actually received it and manages to take my turn at bowling or any other game, for that matter.  He talked the teens at Rally Day into covering his entire face with paint.  There are no dull moments in our lives with this eight year old!


Lasagna- page 50

I had another dietary dilemma to deal with while I was shopping for the lasagna ingredients.  I seem to have forgotten everything I learned while taking and teaching Food Science class.  What is Milnot anyhow and where am I going to find it?

photo 2According to and my wise bible study sisters, Naomi and Barb, Milnot is a brand of “filled milk” (marketed as an evaporated milk substitute).  It consists of  sweetened condensed milk and skimmed evaporated milk. Luckily, I found it in the baking aisle at Jewel with evaporated milk.  Correspondence from Milnot’s parent company, Smuckers,  stated evaporated milk can’t be substituted for Milnot.

Once I found it, I was so happy to see how beautifully it blended with the meat mixture and helped with thickening

photo 3

After this, I added 2 cans of tomato paste to the milnot/meat/spice mixture. I found oven ready lasagna noodles that provided bottom layer.  The tomato/Milnot/meat mixture, and shredded mozzarella cheese were layered on top of the noodles. This was an easy recipe that served the purpose of feeding a family that likes lasagna but dislikes ricotta cheese.

photo 4 Mixture after adding the tomato paste


photo 5
Lasagna placed in oven, ready for baking!


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