Desserts – Banana Split Pie

Julie here–
Youth – Fun Scavenging
On Sunday night we had about 25 kids come to our photo scavenger hunt. Kids went all over Elmhurst taking photos doing all sorts of things, like getting a picture taken with an airplane in the background, or with your whole team jumping up in the air, or one person in your group proposing on one knee to another (tears added extra points). They had a great time. My favorite was a video of a group singing the “Barney” song at the top of their lungs from the Elmhurst City Center. Oh, and my other favorite was one of the boys in the back of a police squad car!

They’re all such good kids that it’s just pure joy to spend time with them. Next weekend, we’re taking the high school kids on a retreat to Wisconsin which we’re all looking forward to.

We had so many great parent volunteers that it makes my work with them much easier. I’m so thankful to our field worker Nat as well.

It was a great way to end the day after a sad start to the day when I had to say goodbye to Jacob. He was home for the weekend. He won’t be home again until Thanksgiving, which I know will be here before I know it. But still it was hard to say goodbye–yet again. It appears he’s doing well, though, and really loving OU.

Banana Split Pie
For dessert tonight, we served this “deconstructed” banana split pie. The pie is supposed to be pre-assembled, with a graham cracker crust, softened vanilla ice cream, fudge, nuts, pineapple topping, maraschino cherries, and banana slices. The kids gobbled it up. Here it is:


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  1. You really know how to hurt a guy. Even early in the morning your “deconstructed” banana split pie is enough to make my mouth water! Sheesh…

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