Crock-Pot Onion Soup

Kelly Here:

The weather turned much cooler here this weekend… about 50 degrees cooler than the previous weekend!  As I drove to church, I heard a commercial for a furnace company with a jingle entitled, “Polar Vortex 2″… yikes!

As the weather turns cooler, our menu changes to heartier dishes like chili, stews and soup. One of my favorite soups to order when I’m out is French Onion soup.  As I’m aging, I am less able to handle the high sodium content found in restaurant soups.  I was very excited to find this recipe for Crock-Pot French Onion soup that I could make with reduced sodium beef broth.

This recipe was super easy on the preparation but does take most of the day to cook.  The biggest challenge was finding where our crock-pot was stored in the basement!

photo 1

I cut up sweet onions and added 1/4 cup of smart balance margarine.  Of course I put 5 instead of the 2 onions noted in the recipe. This was the longest part… cooking them on low for 6 hours.

photo 4

Then add 2 cans of beef broth.  I used College Inn lower sodium beef broth in a resealable carton.  We had another 2 hours of heavenly scents in our house as it cooked.

Finally, I placed the soup in an oven safe bowl and topped with a slice of whole grain bread and provolone cheese.  I placed the bowl in toaster oven broiler for 2 minutes but you could also put in microwave to melt cheese, or shave/grate cheese on top of soup.

photo 5

Absolutely delicious and I should still be able to wear my rings tomorrow!  Thanks Janet W for this yummy and easy recipe from page 20 of the cookbook.



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