I am in Northeastern Pennsylvania this week as we prepare for my brother’s wedding.  One of the few perks about 13 long hours of driving with two young kids was the ability to bring more stuff, like my laptop!

We survived the many hours in the car together with many books, DVD’s and Nooks from the library providing distraction from the question on everyone’s lips: “How much longer until we get there?!”

photo 1

It’s been 16 years since I made the cross country trip (that time heading west), traveling with my dad, who he is an excellent driver.  I sent this text to family and friends on the last leg of the journey-
” I forgot how long this trip takes, just like I have (almost) forgotten how painful childbirth was!”

photo 3


Before we left, I was in a cooking frenzy, trying to use up the perishables.  2 friends had given me the ratatouille’s main ingredients for this delicious stew from their gardens, zucchini and eggplant.  I couldn’t let them deteriorate without taking the opportunity to make this fabulous recipe.

I had used up the last of my tomatoes earlier that week, and found that the grape tomatoes I use to make salads worked well for this dish.

The most difficult part of making this recipe was cutting the vegetables and waiting for them to simmer on the cooktop!

photo 1

Zucchini and eggplant were cooked separately, eggplant with some sea salt to blanch out potential bitterness

photo 2I  served the “rat” as my husband likes to refer to this recipe with hearty whole grain bread and sprinkled parmesan cheese.  It was our main meal despite being listed as a vegetable side dish.



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