Desserts – Five Pounds of Fudge

Julie here —
Well, Kelly sure seems to be writing up a storm. Way to go, girl! We are well on our way to completing our project for the year. Crazy idea–cooking through the entire cookbook in a year–but with the help of everyone from the congregation, we’re going to get ‘er done!

So here are some photos of “Nonny’s” granddaughter making the fudge.


Just look at how cute she is! Now that’s posing–a lesson the men in my life need to learn!


Five Pounds of Fudge

At the high school retreat, in addition to pumpkin bars, we also had five pounds of fudge! Nancy and Sydney brought a pan full of deliciousness–five pounds of it! There were 17 people at the retreat, and by the end of the weekend, only 6 pieces of fudge were leftover. Everyone was on an ongoing sugar high apparently.

You may wonder why all of these posts are on sweets. Simple reason: that’s all that’s left in the cookbook to make. I think Kelly may have a couple of main dishes, and I have one side dish. Everything else is dessert. So just plan on drooling for the next 2 months, and you’ll get lots of great ideas for holiday baking.

photo 1-29

There is an error in this recipe–I’m sure it’s my fault not Nancy’s. I’m so sorry! In addition to the other chocolate listed, add 12 oz. sweet chocolate to your mixture.

Oh fudge, you are so delicious!


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  1. Eating near-endless supplies of fudge is one thing but talking to it in the pan is a little much! Maybe your sugar binge is getting the best of you, huh?

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