Desserts – Pumpkin Dip

Julie here-
We Love Fall! (but not winter)
On the way to church on Sunday, I saw frost on the grass. At this time of year, frost still seems glistening and new, shining like little diamonds in the slanting morning sunlight. But then frost turns into December gloom, and January bleck, and February frigidness, and in the end, winter’s just plain ol’ horrible.

One of my coworkers said the other day that in October, she starts thinking, “Hey, winter’s not so bad–I get to wear my cuddly sweaters,” and then she said she goes outside, and thinks, dang, it’s super cold out here.

But whether we like it or not, the earth is chugging along on its annual orbit around the sun, moving a bit closer every day to winter.

To be fair to winter, sweaters are kind of cozy. And soup steaming in a crock-pot is pretty delicious. And we can dream about more tropical climates, right?

Pumpkin Dip

This recipe (p. 57) suggested pairing with gingersnaps, so in a somewhat brilliant move, I decided to make the 100-year-old Gingersnap recipe too. And because I am in crazy-cooking-lady mode, I decided to make yet a third recipe–all in one afternoon.

The pumpkin dip is easy–it’s just cream cheese, pumpkin, spices, powdered sugar, and cool whip. And, oh my, I didn’t think my molasses ginger cookies could taste more delicious until I dipped one in this fabulous accompaniment!

Here’s a cookie enjoying its fabulous new dip!

Hey, it’s not winter yet, so in the meantime, enjoy all the delicious pumpkiny goodness of fall–including pumpkin dip with gingersnaps!


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