The Bread of Life… Hot Herbed Bread

Kelly here:

As I was starting to write this last week, we were on the wedding countdown in PA and were praising God that today was not “the day”.  It rained all day and flash floods in this formally parched area are wrecking havoc. Some roads are closed, emergency broadcasting system is sending us scary texts, ceilings/basements are springing leaks.  My Uncle Billy, who is well into his seventies and still running his own excavation business, is “drowning” in emergency calls on his cell.  The Quinn family is no stranger to these weather conditions, having lived in the Elmhurst and having witnessed numerous “hundred year” floods.  I keep reminding the kids that we are on High Street, on top of the hill, not “Fairlake Avenue”, as I nicknamed our block during one of those wet mornings when we needed a boat to get to school.

Another sad thing about the heavy amount of rain is the early demise of the Fall foliage.  It appeared the trees were close to the peak last weekend.   My husband and I had a little get away earlier this week to celebrate our 20th anniversary in the nearby Poconos, and really enjoyed the spectacular colors.


Hot Herbed Bread

I can’t take the credit for this recipe, unless taking a picture and consuming it counts!  As usual, our friend Naomi P, always finds wonderful fresh baked recipes for us to enjoy.  She was apologetic for this recipe as its originator suggested heating store bought bread and adding butter and fresh herbs on top.  Store bought or not, it was delicious… thanks for this yummy bread recipe found on bottom of page 9, Charlene G.  Charlene is a spunky lady and another water aerobics friend.  I can always count on you to tell it like it is Charlene!


IMG_1293We managed to pose the bread with Naomi’s study bible/study guide.  This picture brought to mind lyrics from a favorite hymn of funeral fame


“I am the bread of life, you who come to me shall not hunger, you who believe in me shall never thirst.  No one can come to me unless the Father beckons”


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