Cookies – Molasses Ginger Cookies

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Some things you have to learn the hard way…

So on Tuesday, I wore a skirt that came to my knees, with bare legs, and flats, neglecting the weather forecast. By the time I got home from work, it was only 49 degrees. Sheesh. Thankfully it’s supposed to get up to the 70s this weekend, so hopefully we can eke out a few more mild days. I guess it’s time to dust off my boots and socks.

Now that we have a young adult in our family off at college, I have more respect for my parents–as always seems to be the case whenever Jacob enters a new phase. How did my parents trust me to be a decent, upstanding citizen when I went off to college? I made some pretty stupid choices when I was a teen.

One thing I did–more of a “mistake” than anything else–was when my chemistry lab partner and I accidentally mixed chloride and ammonia in the sink. We were swiftly breathing poisonous fumes with no teacher present. Oops.

Or the time I was driving home late at night from my friend’s house and I ignored the “Road Closed” sign, driving into several feet of standing water, and consequently flooding the car engine. I had to knock on some stranger’s door to get help. And of course my parents bailed me out.

I mean, come on. That’s just pure stupidity, plus a teenager’s innate sense that nothing I do could possibly ever go wrong.

So when my son asks me for his original birth certificate so he can get a job, I have to put all sorts of caveats up in my defense. I went to the county’s website and researched how much it would cost to get a new copy. And then bargained with him that if he loses the document, he’ll pay and take care of ordering the new one. Oh, and I’ll probably throw in a SASE just to make sure he actually puts the thing back in the mail to me.

I mean, seriously, how did my parents trust me?

I am definitely seeing reasons to trust Jacob, however. He’s held three fairly successful jobs. He hasn’t gotten a ticket and he’s had his license almost 3 years. He’s doing great in school. So those are all good signs, right? Still can’t help but feeling a little trepidatious about the upcoming Halloween weekend at OU, where there have been known to be riots, couch burnings in the street, that kind of thing. It’ll all be okay, though, right?

Molasses Ginger Cookies

These are my favorite fall cookies (p. 86). And now with the addition of the pumpkin dip, it’s even more appropriate for the fall! Scott and Jacob love these too.

The trick is to bake them so that they are still soft once they cool. It’s a tricky balance. You need to make sure they’re done, but not overdone. It’s one of the few strategic cooking moves I know. They come out cracked on the top, and chewy and soft. Yum.

Sorry to make you drool without sharing.

I don’t have another photo to share with you because Syd and I made the 100-year-old gingersnaps along with these. The recipes are very similar, but this one comes out a little darker.

Scott’s favorite feature of these cookies is the orange zest, just a touch of bitterness along with the sweet gingery flavor.



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