Desserts – Honey Fruit Pizza

Julie here-
Story Arcs and more

I got an email from one of my new friends from the Glen workshop today. You may remember that I traveled with hubby to Santa Fe in August for an artists gathering. Here’s the post on it, in case you forgot and are dying to remember.

Anyhoo, today I heard from one of the poets I met at the Glen. We were talking about our respective projects, and in the process Carrie mentioned that she and a friend decided this is a good way to plot out a story:

1. Things get worse…
2. …then worse…
3. …then worse…
4. …and then so bad it seems they’ll never get better…
5. …until they do!

I like it! I’m working on my novel in verse, little by little, and hope tomorrow to continue the process of revision.

Honey Fruit Pizza

I decided to make this delightful, colorful, and tasty dessert (p. 80) for an event at work. I had to cheat a little because I didn’t have a lot of time to make it. I bought two tubes of sugar cookie dough, softened them a little, and rolled the dough out on a round greased cookie sheet. I baked the giant sugar cookie. If you make this, be sure you leave about 2 inches from the edge because the dough will expand. Thankfully I had left a bit of a lip, but it still “dripped” over onto the oven rack. Not too bad, though.

Barbara, who submitted this recipe, said that you can really use any fruit that won’t brown. I got kiwi, grapes, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and mandarin oranges.

photo 2-29

Start with a basic sugar cookie. Make a big one!


Add a cream cheese and honey mixture, and spread that over the top for the glue,” as Barbara put it. And then start adding fruit. I’d suggest starting in the middle and moving out, not going outside-in, which is what I did.

If you move from the inside out, you’ll get a better circle. You can see mine got a little oval-y, not too bad though.

But overall, it’s easy to make, and a stunner on the party table!




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