Desserts – One-Bowl Brownies

Julie here–well, I mentioned in the last few posts how many great helpers I’ve had come forward to help me with the blog project, and here is one more! Rhonda Z. not only baked the One-Bowl Brownies, but also wrote about them! Thank you, Rhonda!

Hello, Rhonda here….

What is it about Fall that brings out the inner baker in us?  I think in part it is a sensory thing.  The warmth of the oven or the smell of the ingredients baking or the sight of baked goods on a pretty plate on the kitchen counter that conjure up feelings of HOME.  In part it is a nesting/family thing.   I always loved Fall when I was growing up.  Southeast Missouri is hot and humid in the summer, so we were thrilled when summer ended and jacket weather began.  Football games, falling leaves, changing color, new school clothes and of course, no more summer kitchen cooking as the OVEN could again be used. It was also a time when we were looking forward to month after month of celebrations, Halloween and Reformation, Thanksgiving and Christmas!  The family settled inside, drew closer and the warmth we felt was the warmth of family, not “Swamp East” Missouri humidity!

When my children were growing up, I continued my Mom’s tradition which was October=Brownies. That was her time to make them. So, when Julie assigned this recipe to me, I was thrilled.  It is October and October=Brownies. So, here we go…my adventure with baking brownies Redeemer Lutheran Cookbook style.

One Bowl Brownies  (Recipe submitted by Sandi Welchi and Olivet Anderson)

One Bowl Brownies (p. 84).  Sounds simple.  One Bowl.  Well, leave it to me to take something called “One Bowl” and use multiple bowls.  (I wanted to give you the full “cooking show” experience.)


The tea in the photo is not part of the brownies, but enjoying a cup is part of my baking routine.  Can you guess which ingredient is not shown in photo?   Not to be concerned,  I did use the missing ingredient but failed to put in photo shot.  (This will not be the first “fail” of mine during this recipe)

The recipe is in two parts.

Part 1

The Brownie Mix.  The recipe does say to melt chocolate and butter over low heat on the stove.  I used the microwave as I have a handy dandy function for melting chocolate and butter.



After melting the chocolate and butter and pouring into the mixing bowl, stir the sugar into the chocolate until blended. IMG_5921

Time for the Eggs.  My Mother taught me to break the eggs at and let them come to room temperature before adding them to your recipe.  And then whisk them gently.  I added the vanilla to the eggs prior to whisking.  IMG_5919

And at last, the missing photo ingredient, THE FLOUR and nuts were added in the mixture.  Beautiful!

As I spread this beautiful mixture into the greased 9×13 pan, I realized that this brownie mix was looking a bit pale.  So, I started to retrace my steps….I added every ingredient.  Then I realized what the issue was.



Apparently when I wasn’t looking, the Bakers Chocolate folks have changed their measurements.  In the photo you will see where it says, “FORMERLY”, etc.  Well, I didn’t see it until after the fact.  So, I failed to put in enough chocolate. Well into the oven the pale mix will go…who knows, perhaps it will be OK.  But then again, does anyone EVER think, “LESS CHOCOLATE”, please.  I think not.

In my oven, 30 minutes was a perfect baking time at 325 for the GLASS pan.

Out to cool….Looks great!


The Frosting.

This time, I used the correct amount of chocolate and mixed the frosting. (Again, I melted my chocolate in the microwave instead of using the double boiler)    Oh! So good!  Oh! So RICH!

The recipe does say that the frosting holds its shape and it indeed does.    Also the recipe says to cut in squares and then frost.  I frosted the brownies prior to cutting while still in the baking pan.

I then put them in the refrigerator to “set up” prior to cutting then in squares.  This way isn’t better, but easier for me.

End result:  Even with the chocolate “fail”…these turned out fabulously!  They are quite delicious and again, very rich, so cut small squares!


Perhaps when you bake this chocolaty goodness, you will forego the multiple bowls that I used and it will truly be a ONE BOWL baking event! Happy Fall, Y’all!


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