Appetizers – Chili Dip

Julie here-

The Joy of Knitting

Seems like I start many of my posts, “The Joy of…” something. Well, the latest edition of the “Joy of…” is…Knitting! Recently, I led a program at Elmhurst Public Library to teach 10 girls, grades 3-5 the basics of knitting. It was a fun experience. The first session was tough because whenever someone begins knitting, it’s really hard to get the feel for the process. You feel like you’re all thumbs. And when those someones are in grades 3-5, it’s even more of a challenge. But these girls were troupers and stuck with the process.

One of the girls really internalized the lessons and was producing clean, even stitches by the end of our third afternoon. Another was still struggling by the end of the sessions. Most were somewhere in the middle. We’re going to offer the class again in Jan. and Feb. so that all these Elmhurst girls (or boys!) can get toasty through the winter months making scarves, tea cozies, mittens, etc.

The best part of the whole thing was having lots of helpers. I couldn’t have done the program without my knitting buddies at EPL.

Chili Dip

…And that is also the case when it comes to finishing this cookbook project!

IMG_0605Well, this recipe (p. 2)  couldn’t be easier! Three ingredients in the microwave, and wham, bam, you’re done!

It’s even easier when some other awesome person like Karen O. makes it and takes pictures!


This would be great for a party. I believe Karen made it for a family gathering–also a great idea!




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