Salads – Triple Cranberry Sauce

Julie here –

The Prayer of the Church, The Collect, Part 2


Sometimes when we pray, the words spill out and we can express the hopes and dreams and fears to God. God wants to hear us, like any loving father would.

Other times we want to pray with words that help us focus a little better, to reflect on God’s attributes and present our petition in light of this. This is when a collect can beautifully state our prayers. As I mentioned last week, a collect has 5 parts. So let’s break this down:

(I’m using here a nice harvest prayer from this website):

1) address to God

God our Father,

2) attribute of God related to the petition

you never cease the work you have begun and prosper with your blessing all human labour:

3) the petition
make us wise and faithful stewards of your gifts that we may serve the common good, maintain the fabric of our world and seek that justice where all may share the good things you pour upon us;

4) the closing

through Jesus Christ our Lord.

5) the Amen


Triple Cranberry Sauce

This recipe (p. 18) seemed the perfect sauce to try for the Elmhurst Public Library‘s cooking club when the theme for the month is…THANKSGIVING! Someone already planned on bringing the turkey and other side dishes, so I figured this would be a great one to try in preparation of our Thanksgiving celebration at the end of the month.


The “triple” part of this recipe comes from 1) cranberry juice, 2) fresh or frozen cranberries, and 3) dried cranberries. Also the recipe includes orange marmalade, orange juice, and orange peel, so it should be Triple Cranberry-Triple Orange sauce! Add in some allspice and sugar, and there you go–cranberry yumminess.

IMG_0570I love the balance of sweet and sour in this recipe. It’s got wonderful flavor. Try it this year for your Thanksgiving feast!





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