Vegetables and Side Dishes – Patti’s Potato Bake

Julie here-
All Saints Day

One of the traditions I love about All Saints Day (usually celebrated around Nov. 1) is the tolling of the bells. Maybe it seems an unhappy reminder to some, but I find it a comforting commemoration of those in the congregation who have passed away in the previous year.

At Redeemer, and at Concordia in Brentwood, PA, the other congregation my husband served, he adds the names of those members who have died in the year before, and then a bell is tolled as each name is read.

For people outside the church, they may get together with family to celebrate a loved one’s passing on anniversaries, etc. But little compares to the whole congregation gathering together, to pray for those left behind at the funeral and on All Saints Day.

I didn’t lose a loved one this year, but as each new season rolls around, I miss my dog Lucy more and more. She was a rock star on Halloween, getting lots of oohs and ahhs from the kids who’d come to the door. “I love your dog!” I remember one kid squealing in delight as she petted Lucy last year.

The cats don’t really “do” Halloween. When the door opened on Friday to a squad of trick-or-treaters, the cats just swish their tails and flatten their ears, thinking, perhaps, that this must be a break-in.

But Lucy loved it all–especially anything involving new friends.

People ask me when we’re getting a new dog. I don’t know yet. We’ve had a lot of little short trips this fall that have made it difficult. Plus, getting a puppy is a ton of work. I still remember the housebreaking, kennel-training, leash-training, don’t-tear-stuff-up-training, and of course, the get-your-paws-off-the-counter training.

But eventually we’ll most likely get another. Just not quite yet.

In the meantime, we’re enjoying the turning of the seasons. The Midwest really puts on a show in the autumn, blessing us with turning leaves and frosty nights. And as autumn loses the fight to winter, we’re still together at Redeemer, turning our thoughts again to our Savior and when He’ll call us all to our everlasting reward, like those saints who have gone before.

Patti’s Potato Bake

I love how Karen takes pics of all of the ingredients before getting things into the pans. It helps to break down the recipe into manageable steps. I mean, I look at that pile of stuff and think, hey, that’s not too hard to make. Nice! This recipe (p. 30) comes from Sheree and Patti Gehrke.



Here’s the mixture before baking.

IMG_0609And the final product.


Thank you again, Karen!




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