Desserts – Pistachio Cake

Julie here–with deep thoughts on pistachios…

So my husband and I have this ongoing debate about pudding, surrounding the topic of flavor. I seem to go in spurts of eating the same foods over a period of months, and finally when I get sick of the cycle, start something new. Right now I’m in a pudding phase. I get the sugar-free boxes of pudding, mix with fat-free milk, and add a dollop of fat-free cool whip. May sound boring to you, but for me, I get almost as excited as the cats around dinnertime when pudding-time rolls around each day.

We were in a boring chocolate and vanilla phase for awhile, but then hubby requested butterscotch. Okay, great. I’m a sucker for anything having to do with caramelized sugar, so butterscotch it was. Now he’s decided butterscotch is boring, so requested banana cream. Fine. I bought him his banana cream, along with my favorite pistachio. When pistachio night rolled around, well, you can imagine Mr.-I-Want-Banana-Cream had to suffer through it.

But when pistachio anything rolls around, I’m eager to jump on the bandwagon. I got a fabulous Halloween/fall care package from my mom today, and guess what was inside? Not only yummy oriental mix from Jerry’s Nut House, but also a bag of pistachios. Yum.

Karen O. was on a baking spree last weekend, and really lent to my cooking project. Thank you, Karen!

Here are her photos of the pistachio cake.


Ingredients look pretty simple!


It’s already looking good!


And look how pretty it turned out!


This was one of the donations for the cake walk at our Oktoberfest last Sunday. The event (including the cake walk) raised about $1000 for the youth group’s mission efforts–a nice start to the fundraising for the year.

Thanks, Karen, for a great contribution!

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