Cookies – Russian Teacakes

Julie here –

Phil’s Friends

At our youth event on Sunday night, we had a great service project and an all-around fun gathering. 25 kids and several adults gathered to learn more about what cancer patients experience, and how better to show compassion and care for everyone going through difficult times. Our own member Kim L. was generous enough to agree to speak to the kids about her experiences and help us all get a better view of how to help those who are ill.

Two things that stuck with me that she said was that when you have a friend or family member who is ill, remember that their disease does not define them. They are who they are with all of their individual talents, dreams, and hopes. This is how they want to be known to other people, to be cherished for who they are, not for the disease they have to bear.

The other thing Kim said that stuck with me is that Jesus is more powerful and has more love for us than any disease, any hurt, or any difficulty we might be facing. We sometimes can’t see the way out of a situation, but by being grounded in faith, we can cling to Him in the face of adversity. She also commented about cancer teaching patience. When she first found out she was ill, it was agony for her to wait to get a clear diagnosis so they could properly treat the cancer. The only thing she had to rely on was prayer, and that had to be enough. What wise words!

phil's friends

After she finished speaking, we all decorated cards and boxes for an organization called Phil’s Friends, which brings hope to those who are in cancer treatment. Their motto is “We bring hope,” and what a great message that we all need to hear. They provide cards and care packages to those going through treatment, to remind them that people are praying for them and caring for them. So thank you to everyone who donated time and effort to help us with this great evening.

Russian Teacakes
Well, this fabulous recipe (p. 101) comes from Sally M. These are a staple of every Christmas cookie exchange, but as with many recipes in this cookbook, I’ve never known the ins and outs about how to make them. These are quite delicious! Karen O. helped me yet again by baking these fabulous cookies.

Here are the ingredients–very simple!


Butter, sugar, eggs…


Rolled out onto the cookie sheet.


And the finished product:



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