Side Dishes – Chippewa Rice Dish

Julie here: It occurred to me today that with the popularity of such sites as Pinterest and the many cooking blogs and websites that the good ol’ recipe box filled with splattered well-worn recipe cards is becoming obsolete. I must say this made me a bit sad.


I was looking through my recipes today, thinking lovingly of all of the people whose recipes I’ve gathered over the years. Ones from my mom and grandmother, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and friends in the various places I’ve lived. It made me nostalgic for a time when recipe sharing had a more personal touch.

Now it seems as though we turn to the “experts”–those whose blogs are slick and websites are bursting with hundreds or even thousands of recipes, fully tested and published in glossy books with professionally styled food photos.

But in that process, I wonder if we’ve lost a little something. As I thumbed through my recipe cards today I remembered dinner parties where dishes were shared and recipes exchanged. Or parties where an appetizer made its way from the gathering to a conversation to my recipe box.

Oh sure, people still share recipes in this way, but it seems almost more likely that we’ll quickly go online to find an expert recipe.

Will young people today gather their own favorite recipes in a box, to pass down to family members over the years? Or will all of this become digital, and the only way to access Grandma’s favorites will be to go online to her Pinterest account? I don’t know…somehow it just doesn’t seem the same.

Well, one thing I do hope continues into the future is the gathering of recipes in church cookbooks! Hopefully in a few years, someone else will come along to put together Palate Pleasers, vol. 4!

I want to give a shout-out to all those wonderful cooks whose recipes have made it into my recipe box. I do treasure them–and you!

Chippewa Rice Dish
We categorized this recipe (p. 44) under side dishes, mostly because it was a “rice” dish, and I figured that meant it was a side. But I think more accurately it could be a main dish because of the ground meat.

It’s quite tasty–a great option for nights when you need a quick family pleaser. I’ll have to ask Marian F., who contributed the recipe, to see if she knows why it’s named as it is. No matter what the name, however, it is a satisfying, good dish!


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