Cookies – Chocolate Chip Cookies

Julie here: So, does anyone know where to find mince meat? I’ve looked and asked at Jewel, at Walmart, and at Aldi. I’ve struck out. Any ideas? It may be that it’s still a bit too early for holiday baking. I want to make the mince meat cookies (p. 98), but how can without mince meat? I looked online and found that it is available on Amazon. That seems sort of strange–ordering a quaint old fashioned food off of Amazon instead of getting it from the local grocer. Oh well, we do what we must do to finish the cookbook project, right?

Chocolate Chip Cookies

This recipe comes from Shirley Z. (p. 92). All weekend I was itching to get in the kitchen and bake, so finally Sunday afternoon made these cookies plus the Pistachio Dessert.

I happened to see this on Facebook — the science behind your favorite chocolate chip cookie. Pretty interesting! If you click through the link you’ll see a photo with the differences between baking with a little extra salt, more baking powder, more baking soda, etc., and it shows how the cookies turn out.

My favorite chocolate chip are still these, which I wrote about awhile back. For me, it’s the peanut butter that makes them so good.

On Friday and Saturday I was feeling kind of whiny and woe-is-me about pretty much everything. I thought I could never finish this cookbook project. And then I was texting with Nancy, and with just a few small words of encouragement, she bucked me up. Come on! We have six weeks left! We can do this.

So over the weekend I made 4 different recipes and Nancy made 3! So that looming number of 57 is now whittled down to 50. I talked to Donna H. on Sunday who is going to make her Divinity Cookies, and I know several of you are still working on other things.

I do want to plan a cookie baking day with the high school girls in the Center kitchen where there are two working ovens (unlike my sort of half-working one). In looking at the list of cookies, there are 5 recipes left. We could knock those off in an afternoon, right? Still have to locate the mince meat first!

Anyhow, back to the chocolate chip cookies. I added pecans to them in addition to the chocolate chips.  photo 2-1


Here is the plate of cookies for the girls for Sunday night’s Bible study, surrounding the delightful Cinnamon Chocolate cake that Nancy made and shared samples of with me.

photo 4-2



2 responses

  1. Hi-
    I will check with Mariano’s and Trader Joe’s for the minced meat over next few days! Don’t worry, the Holiday cooking/baking season is upon us, we will finish the cookbook blog in no time!

  2. Is it OK for us “older guys” to back up in time and join your Bible Study group to glom onto a few of those cookies? Sheesh, what a treat they must have been!

    DoodAH ) ;P ))

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