Black Russian Cake

Kelly Here:


A few fun pictures from last month.  We celebrated our 20th Anniversary October 8.  One of things I love about my husband is his dry sense of humor.   When the special day arrived, a surprise appeared at the door with the following noteThe traditional gift for 20 years, china- in the form of a coffee mugs made in China.  I’d been joking that I wasn’t sure if he was planning on “renewing the contract”, but the gift note says it has been renewed indefinitely.  I especially enjoyed the mug that said, “7,305 days together… but who’s counting?”  Apparently my engineer/mathematician husband is!

Black Russian Cake, page 75

I actually made this cake twice, not just because it was so delicious but I was unable to eject it from the Bundt pan intact.   Probably just spraying the pan with non stick spray was not enough to prevent this dietary disaster!  I guess the blog is teaching me to have a sense of humor about my baking skills! I must admit the finished product, despite its deformed appearance, was absolutely delicious and very  moist, thanks to the pudding in the mix.  Great sadness, I had to toss it to avoid further temptation!

My second attempt at this recipe was an improvisation of the original recipe, which called for a separate packet of pudding mix.  I found a box of black forest cake mix with “pudding in the mix” on my garage pantry shelves.  I think I purchased the mix  with the better than anything cake in mind, but Julie was able to tackle that recipe before I got to it.



Here is the batter after being mixed for 5 minutes, lovely bubbles from lots of air incorporated into batter.  The simplicity of this recipe’s instructions- mix all the cake ingredients together for 5 minutes and spoon batter into pan, makes this recipe a keeper!

I decided against taking chances with the evil Bundt pan again and using a large disposable cake pan.  This made 4 lovely smaller cakes for the cake walk.



Each cake was glazed with a combination of powdered sugar and Kahlua… absolutely heavenly!  I was thinking we should have carded the winners of this cake as it had vodka and Kahlua in mix and Kahlua in glaze!  Thanks again to Shirley Z for another fantastic recipe that I can’t wait to make again for the next event I host or attend sans children!

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