Desserts – Pistachio Dessert

Cookie-Baking Extravaganza

Well, I’ve scheduled a 5-recipe cookie baking extravaganza for this Saturday in Redeemer’s Center and invited the youth to join me. We’ll see how it goes. After we finish, we will have completed all of the cookie recipes (except for one–I’m waiting on that one from another baker, Donna). Hooray!

Kelly helped me by not only baking two more recipes this week, but also by purchasing mince meat! Thanks, Kelly! After Thanksgiving Day when Kelly and I use some of the recipes for our gatherings, I figure we’ll be down to about 35 recipes to go. That’s do-able, right?

Pistachio Dessert

This recipe (p. 86) comes from Dianne F. I first tasted this lusciousness at her home at a book club meeting. I didn’t have an occasion to make a whole pan, so I improvised with my “ramekins,” including one dish (in the back) that I made in pottery class last winter. I baked the crust in these, and then layered the toppings over the crust.

photo 1-1


The layers are powdered sugar, cream cheese, and whipped cream, and then over that layer goes pistachio pudding and more whipped cream. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the final product, but you can sort of figure out how it would look.


This is a great dessert! Thank you, Dianne, and we hope you’ll send some warm temps and sunshine our way!




One response

  1. Mmmm … Yum-yum!

    Why do you guys relish torturing poor, aging guys like me?

    Just to pay you back, I’m gonna call on the weather gurus to chill things off there near Redeemer and warm them up here in Lakewood. (The Model A loves it that way!)

    DoodAH ((:-P)

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