Grape Salad, reprised

Apparently, an article published by the New York Times has got Minnesotans up in arms over grape salad.

The article, “The United States of Thanksgiving” pairs one specialty dish with each of the 50 states, and assigned grape salad to Minnesota.

This caused quite an uproar, which you can see here and on Twitter if you type in #GrapeGate.

Apparently, @SamSifton of the NYT linked to my wee little blog.  Here’s the screenshot of my 1 minute of fame:

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 9.26.31 AM

And in case you want to try the Grape Salad recipe for your Thanksgiving dinner, here you go:


Anyhow, in case anyone would like to make the grape salad–in Minnesota, Illinois, or beyond, here it is. And here’s the link to my blog post about it, from last winter.

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