Salads – Favorite Salad Dressing

Julie here:

Arm Knitting
One of the skills I’ve enjoyed learning and sharing at Elmhurst Public Library is knitting. A new variation on this skill is arm knitting! This week at In Stitches we’ll be learning arm knitting.

Instead of using knitting needles, you use your arms to create the stitches. So it’s a loosely knitted cowl or infinity scarf that looks something like this.


To make the scarves you start with thick, chunky yarn, using at least two or three strands in order to create the fullness. We’ll see how my scarves turn out after this coming Wednesday.

Favorite Salad Dressing

This recipe (p. 10) comes from Joan H. I like it because it not only makes a nice light dressing for a salad, but it’s so easy! We don’t need all of the preservatives and other random stuff thrown in to commercially prepared salad dressing. All we need is a little vinegar, oil, a little sweetness, garlic powder and salt and pepper. Easy!

photo-1Thank you, Joan, for adding this to the cookbook!



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