Cookies – Lemon Bars

The Amazing Spotify

In the last two days, my musical tastes have really run the gamut–from Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong to Puccini and Mozart. And Spotify has allowed me play whatever my little heart desires.  If you haven’t yet checked it out, it’s worth it.

I decided to go on an opera jag on Friday because of Endeavour, my newest British TV fav. Since it appears Wallander will never ever have any more episodes (or only renews about every two years), I had to branch out.

In Endeavour, the main character, a young Inspector Morse is portrayed always listening to opera while he’s brilliantly solving crimes. So I figure maybe it’ll help me solve whatever issues are currently plaguing me, you know, things like:

– is it possible for me to burn boiled eggs? (Oh my, yes.)

– is my cats’ meowing a real sign that they need to be fed, or are they just playing mind games with me?

– when will Wallander ever produce any new episodes!?

…and other deep thoughts.

Seriously, though, I wonder if anyone has done a study on the effect of music on a person’s writing. I mean, we all know about the Mozart effect, and the craze in the 90s to play Mozart and Bach to unborn children. And truly, when my mind is all scattered and flustered, a nice violin concerto can calm me down and help me to focus.

But what about opera?

Well, that’s a topic for another day, but for now, here’s a look at Kenji, whose turned-back ears show he’s not loving this aria!


Lemon Bars

Well, now our effort has become a multi-state endeavor! My mom made the lemon bars this week–hooray! I didn’t ask if she made any high-altitude adjustments. The elevation in Colorado is high enough to have to make adjustments to most recipes, but perhaps with this since it’s not a cake or bread that needs to rise it was okay without.


She said the recipe (p. 95) makes about 4 dozen, and one thing you might want to keep in mind if you try the recipe is that she found she had a bit more crust dough than was needed, and a bit too little of the lemon topping.

And here’s the finished product. Thank you, Mom and Dad for your help!! 🙂




One response

  1. “Burning boiled eggs” is an achievement only a former Banks person could do. Unless you add one of my highest achievements to the list: cutting the back of my hand on the edge of the trash basket under the sink. (Only for the exceptionally awkward of course.)


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