Appetizers – Spinach Balls



As I’m writing this, it’s the night before Thanksgiving Day. I’m so glad Jacob made it home safely, and is here for a few days with us. I’m thankful for my family, near and far, for my church family at Redeemer, for my friends and loved ones scattered around the country. I’m counting my blessings, truly grateful for all of the things in my life that God has challenged or blessed me with. I’m thankful mostly for the gift of God’s Son, whose loving sacrifice makes my life rich and full and beautiful–and forgiven.

And for you, dear reader, I am thankful for you, that you’ve stuck with me through this goofy church year cookbook experiment! Happy Thanksgiving!

Spinach Balls

These are easy and tasty! They’ll look nice on a dish, warmed and ready for company. Plus there’s the added bonus of knowing you’re eating spinach, so it seems like health food even though the butter probably negates some of the good nutritional value! 🙂

photo 1-1

It’s a spinach, bread crumb, parmesan cheese, egg, and butter mixture. That’s it! You have to thaw and squeeze out the spinach. I must say, that seemed sort of strange. It felt like I’m squeezing out my dish sponge, when actually it’s food I’m going to put into my mouth. But there you have it.

Basically, this is a throw-everything-together-and-then-bake-it sort of a deal.

photo 2-1

It’s hard to tell if the balls are actually cooked (so I don’t actually know if this picture is from pre-baking or post-) but 10-12 minutes cooks them up. I’m serving this as an appetizer for Thanksgiving Day.


One response

  1. I can handle “an appetizer for Thanksgiving Day” scene with these spinach guys – – they look very good. I draw the line at brussel sprouts. It’s rumored around here that you’re partial to them. That aside, I hope all there in Elmhurst had a memorable day filled with much more than “Black Friday” junk. (The BF newspaper ads here weighed 5+ lbs all bundled up.)

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