Cookies – Gum Drop Cookies

Turkey Trotting

I had a nice surprise Thanksgiving morning. After church on Wednesday evening, Kelly asked if I might like to use her open spot in the Elmhurst Turkey Trot. I thought about it for a minute, and then said: YES! So as a last-minute plan, I ran/walked a 5K. It was surprisingly easy. We took a moderate pace, and would be happy to try again, another time running the whole way.

Here is the crowd at the starting line.


And here’s the gang under the underpass. IMG_0596.JPG

The crowd


And me with Kelly, all bundled up. IMG_0600.JPG

Gum Drop Cookies
This recipe (p. 98) had a surprise ingredient: gum drops! Here are a couple of the girls, struggling to chop gum drops. They’re so darn sticky !


And here they are on the platter on Thanksgiving Eve. I thought the gum drops would show up better to provide a more colorful presentation. But still, they were tasty!


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